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Daphne’s Diary

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This fairly new UK magazine to be distributed in the United States has now published a lovely Coloring Book!

That coloring book, once done, will make a lovely bound addition to your creative bookshelf and include some of your spectacular work.


Check out more magazine info at


‘Off to the Races’ – Piece #1

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I’m mind mapping an idea for this piece.  Thinking of what ‘off to the races’ conjures up for me including:

  • Formal dress wear including hats – for the Ascot
  • Weird automobiles from ‘The Great Race’
  • Derby hats
  • Signs with numbers (for runners)
  • Racing routes – maps (e.g. Tour de France)
  • Legs running (horses and human) – marathons and horseraces
  • Swimmers swimming (triathlon element)
  • Race tracks
  • Car races (e.g. NASCAR, Indy 500, Grand Prix)
  • Racing to get things done (e.g. to do lists, watching the clock)
  • Olympic sailing and rowing events
  • America’s Cup yacht race
  • Timers
  • Officials
  • Flags, buoys, mile markers
  • Water stations

What Prompted Me to Create a WordPress Blog?

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The reason for creating a WordPress blog is because of the newly-formed A4 challenge group that I’ve joined with other QuiltArt list serve members that uses this platform.  I’m delighted to be aboard!